Master Thesis, 30HP: Jamming Resistant LPI Waveforms at Saab AB

MSc student wanted for thesis project on jamming resistant low probability of intercept (LPI) waveforms for use in radar applications. The work will require good understanding of signal processing and radars as well as some programming skills.

Your Role

Project description

The project shall study techniques and tactics for improving the low probability of intercept characteristic of wideband waveforms by modifying the outgoing waveform on a pulse to pulse basis.

The project shall include the study and development of wideband waveforms using techniques such as waveform agility, intra-pulse modulation, and pulse diversity to make detection, identification and classification more challenging for a non-cooperative receiver. The waveforms shall also be designed as to decrease the probability of successful jamming by utilizing multi PRI waveform encoding.
Additionally the waveform shall also be evaluated based on their usefulness as compressed radar pulses, taking into account parameters such as main lobe width, side lobe level and Doppler stability. Trade-off between resistance to jamming versus radar performance shall be investigated as to find which techniques make the best trade-off based off desired system performance.

Developed waveforms are then implemented and evaluated in an existing Matlab model of a general wideband radar.

The main tasks:

Conducting literature surveys on key technologies

Study/Develop LPI technologies based on intra-pulse modulation andwaveform diversity

Implement and evaluate techniques with regards to resistance to detection, classification and jamming

Writing your Master’s thesis

Presentation of your Master’s thesis at SAAB

Your Profile

Required skills:

Successfully completed (or nearly finished) university level studies inDegree of Science in Engineering towards Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering

Good skills in Digital Signal Processing

Basic skills in programming (C/C++, JAVA, Matlab or similar)

Capable of cooperating in larger projects

Desired skills:

Understanding of RF receiver/transmitter architectures

Basic skills in Microwave Engineering

Practical RF measurement experience

Experience working in a lab environment

Experience in leadership

What you will be part of

Your workplace will be at the Business Area Surveillance located in Stockholm Järfälla. The BA Surveillance provides efficient solutions for safety and security, for surveillance and decision support, and for threat detection and protection.

The portfolio covers Airborne, ground-based and naval radar, Electronic warfare, combat systems and C4I solutions and Cyber Security.

Location: Järfälla

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