Master thesis 30 hp: Future Integration Concepts of High Frequency and Power Electronics at Saab AB

Master Thesis 30 hp:

High performing surveillance systems are critical for our safety, and are hence very valuable assets. Each platform consists of multiple subsystems for different purposes, such as radar, communication, and electronic intelligence. All these systems add volume and weight, which are both critical parameters to keep low for especially airborne platforms.

To reduce size and weight, new solutions for integrating the microwave electronics in the front-end of the sensor are needed. The new GaN HEMT technology has revolutionized the sensor as well as telecom industries by increased output power, bandwidth, as well as energy efficiency. However, the significantly higher power density of the technology put tough requirements on the thermal management. A compact solution for electronic integration will allow less room for cooling, which makes the task even more challenging. Beside the thermal challenge, one need to get the signal out in an efficient way that allow for wideband sensors. This project will address these challenges and work on solutions to enable integration of GaN HEMTs for high frequency as well as power electronics in e.g. embedded die solutions.

Your role and your profile

The work involves a literature survey of the field, followed by either design and simulations of an improved packaging solution or hands-on work with GaN HEMT packaging in the MC2 clean room at Chalmers, or a mix of these. The project is suitable for students with background in microwave electronics, antenna engineering (with focus on EM simulations), or semiconductor physics. Experience in working in a clean room or microwave lab is meritorious.

What you will be a part of

You will collaborate with experienced engineers and professionals in the TRM and MMIC Design group, part of Business Area Surveillance. BA Surveillance is a world-leading supplier of systems for detection of threats and self-protection.

If you have questions regarding the master thesis, please contact:
Sten Gunnarsson,
Anna Malmros,
Mattias Thorsell,

If you aspire to help create and innovate whilst developing yourself in a challenging team setting, Saab may well have the perfect conditions for you to grow. We pride ourselves on a nurturing environment, where everyone is different yet we share the same goal – to help protect people.

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